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1936 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 66 (66)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51pinyin huang2 pu3 jiang1 bian1 (1936)黄埔江边黃埔江邊China
52pinyin lang2 shan1 die2 xie3 ji4 (1936)狼山喋血记狼山喋血記China
53pinyin lang4 tao2 sha1 (1936)浪淘沙浪淘沙China
54pinyin ling2 rou4 zhi1 men2 (1936)灵肉之门靈肉之門China
55pinyin ma1 feng1 nu:3 (1936)麻疯女麻瘋女China
56pinyin mi2 tu2 de5 gao1 yang2 (1936)迷途的羔羊迷途的羔羊China
57pinyin nu:3 quan2 (1936)女权女权China
58pinyin qing1 ming2 shi2 jie2 (1936)清明时节清明時節China
59pinyin sheng1 si3 tong2 xin1 (1936)生死同心生死同心China
60pinyin wang2 xian1 sheng1 ji1 xia2 chuan2 (1936)王先生奇侠传王先生奇俠傳China
61pinyin wang2 xian1 sheng1 sheng1 cai2 you3 dao4 (1936)王先生生财有道王先生生財有道China
62pinyin xi3 lin2 men (1936)喜临门喜臨門China
63pinyin xiao3 ling2 zi3 (1936)小玲子小玲子China
64pinyin xin1 jiu4 shang4 hai3 tan1 (1936)新旧上海滩新舊上海灘China
65pinyin ye4 hui4 (1936)夜会夜會China
66pinyin zhuang4 zhi4 ling2 yun2 (1936)壮志凌云壯志淩雲China
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