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1972 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 168 (168)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 King Boxer (1972)天下第一拳天下第一拳Hong Kong
52 The King of Boxers (1972)小拳王小拳王Hong Kong
53 Lady Whirlwind (1972)铁掌旋风腿鐵掌旋風腿Hong Kong
54 Legends of Lust (1972)风月奇谭風月奇譚Hong Kong
55 Let's Go to Bed (1972)我们要洞房我們要洞房Hong Kong
56 The Lizard (1972)壁虎壁虎Hong Kong
57 The Loner (1972)半生牛马半生牛馬Hong Kong
58 Love Affairs (1972)男人女人男人女人Hong Kong
59 Love Is Smoke (1972)轻烟輕煙Taiwan
60 Love and Blood (1972)血爱血愛Hong Kong
61 Love is an Elusive Wind (1972)风从哪里来風從哪里來Mainland China
62 Ma Su Chen (1972)马素贞报兄仇馬素貞報兄仇Hong Kong
63 Madness of Love (1972)窄梯窄梯Hong Kong
64 Man of Iron (1972)仇连环仇連環Hong Kong
65 The Merry Wife (1972)娃娃夫人娃娃夫人Hong Kong
66 The Misguided Youth (1972)荡女神偷蕩女神偷Hong Kong
67 My Lover (1972)难忘初恋情人難忘初戀情人Hong Kong
68 The Naughty Couples (1972)淘气夫妻淘氣夫妻Hong Kong
69 The Notorious Ones (1972)辣手强徒辣手強徒Hong Kong
70 Of Wives and Mistresses (1972)多谢老板娘多謝老闆娘Hong Kong
71 One Armed Swordswoman (1972)女独臂刀女獨臂刀Hong Kong
72 The Peeper, the Model and the Hypnotist (1972)色字头上一把刀色字頭上一把刀Hong Kong
73 Pei Shih (1972)佩诗珮詩Hong Kong
74 Please Sir, We're Sorry! (1972)今天不上课今天不上課Hong Kong
75 Pursuit (1972)林冲夜奔林沖夜奔Hong Kong
76 The Red Detachment of Women (1972)红色娘子军紅色娘子軍Mainland China
77 Red Lantern With Piano Accomplishment (1972)钢琴伴唱《红灯记》鋼琴伴唱《紅燈記》Mainland China
78 The Roaring Lion (1972)狮吼獅吼Hong Kong
79 Showdown (1972)天王拳天王拳Hong Kong
80 Songs and Romance Forever (1972)鬼马女歌手鬼馬女歌手Hong Kong
81 Sonny Come Home (1972)拳头枕头拳頭枕頭Hong Kong
82 The Stealing Love (1972)偷情世界偷情世界Hong Kong
83 Stranger in Hong Kong (1972)香港过客香港過客Hong Kong
84 The Thirst for Solace (1972)凶手一二三兇手一二三Hong Kong
85 Three Seventeens (1972)三个十七岁三個十七歲Hong Kong
86 The Thunderbolt (1972)霹雳拳霹靂拳Hong Kong
87 To Attack the Beauty Fort (1972)进攻美人关進攻美人關Hong Kong
88 A Touch of Zen (1972)侠女俠女Taiwan
89 A Touch of Zen, Part II (1972)侠女下集:灵山剑影俠女下集:靈山劍影Taiwan
90 Tough Guy (1972)硬汉硬漢Hong Kong
91 Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)群英会群英會Hong Kong
92 The Warlord (1972)大军阀大軍閥Hong Kong
93 The Water Margin (1972)水浒传水滸傳Hong Kong
94 The Way of the Dragon (1972)猛龙过江猛龍過江Hong Kong
95 The White-Haired Girl (1972)白毛女白毛女Mainland China
96 The Yellow Killer (1972)黄色杀手黃色殺手Hong Kong
97 The Yellow Muffler (1972)玉女嬉春玉女嬉春Hong Kong
98 Young Avenger (1972)小毒龙小毒龍Hong Kong
99 Young People (1972)年轻人年輕人Hong Kong
100pinyin da4 dao4 (1972)大盗大盜Taiwan
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