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1980 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 331 (332)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0 TV 26 (26)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Spring Comes Late (1980)迟到的春天遲到的春天Mainland China
152 Spy, The (1980)奸细奸細Mainland China
153 The Stars are Bright Tonight (1980)今夜星光灿烂今夜星光燦爛Mainland China
154 Stealing Imperial Horse (1980)盗御马盜御馬Mainland China
155 The Story of a Refugee (1980)阿灿正传阿燦正傳Hong Kong
156 Struggle (1980)踢窦踢竇Hong Kong
157 The Struggle (1980)阿Sir劈炮阿Sir劈砲Hong Kong
158 Struggle to Survive (1980)冲破衝破Hong Kong
159 The Stud and the Nymphs (1980)怨妇·淫娃·疯杀手怨婦·淫娃·瘋殺手Hong Kong
160 Sunray Through Clouds (1980)透过云层的霞光透過雲層的霞光Mainland China
161 Super Power (1980)武状元武狀元Hong Kong
162 Suspected Hostage?A (1980)草原枪声草原槍聲Mainland China
163 Sweet Sorrow (1980)好事多磨好事多磨Mainland China
164 Swift Sword (1980)情侠追风剑情俠追風劍Hong Kong
165 The Sword (1980)名剑名劍Hong Kong
166 Ten Days (1980)十天十天Mainland China
167 The Tenth Bullet Scar (1980)第十个弹孔第十個彈孔Mainland China
168 They are in Love (1980)他们在相爱他們在相愛Mainland China
169 Three Lost Men (1980)三个失踪的人三個失蹤的人Mainland China
170 Thundering Mantis, The (1980)癫螳螂癲螳螂Hong Kong
171 To Kill the Big Villain in Mt. Tai (1980)泰山屠龙泰山屠龍Hong Kong
172 A Traitor (1980)叛国者叛國者Mainland China
173 Twentieth Century China (1980)血泪中华血淚中華Hong Kong
174 Two Champions of Shaolin (1980)少林与武当少林與武當Hong Kong
175 Two On The Road (1980)识英雄重英雄識英雄重英雄Hong Kong
176 Two Toothless Tigers (1980)甩牙老虎甩牙老虎Hong Kong
177 Unmelted Snow (1980)残雪殘雪Mainland China
178 Unrequited Love (1980)苦恋苦戀Mainland China
179 The Victim (1980)身不由己身不由己Hong Kong
180 Wake Up, It's Spring! (1980)春眠不觉晓春眠不覺曉Mainland China
181 The Warrant Of Assassination (1980)密杀令密殺令Hong Kong
182 The Way To Hell (1980)天堂梦天堂夢Hong Kong
183 The Way to Happiness (1980)花飞花舞春满城花飛花舞春滿城Taiwan
184 We're Going to Eat You (1980)地狱无门地獄無門Hong Kong
185 What is Love? (1980)爱情啊!你姓什么?愛情啊!你姓什麼?Mainland China
186 When the Leaves Turn Red (1980)等到满山红叶时等到滿山紅葉時Mainland China
187 Where Does He Come From (1980)客从何来客從何來Mainland China
188 White Haired Devil Lady (1980)白发魔女传白髮魔女傳Hong Kong
189 White Jasmine (1980)茉莉花茉莉花Taiwan
190 The White Snake (1980)白蛇传白蛇傳Mainland China
191 Whom Does He Love (1980)他爱谁!他愛誰!Mainland China
192 The Woman (1980)师妹出马師妹出馬Hong Kong
193 Women Volleyball Players (1980)排球之花排球之花Mainland China
194 The Wonderful Hong Kong (1980)不夜城不夜城Hong Kong
195 Yanzhi (1980)胭脂胭脂Mainland China/Hong Kong
196 Yaoqi (1980)姚期姚期Mainland China
197 The Young Avenger (1980)扮嘢小子扮嘢小子Hong Kong
198 Young Heroes (1980)花枝俏花枝俏Mainland China
199 Young Master (1980)师弟出马師弟出馬Hong Kong
200 Young Outcasts (1980)醒目仔醒目仔Hong Kong
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