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1938 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 91 (91)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 The Achievements of the Guangdong-guangxi Troops (1938)粤桂军战绩粵桂軍戰績Hong Kong
2 The Adventures of Fong Sai-yuk (1938)方世玉打擂台方世玉打擂台Hong Kong
3 Alluring Shadows of the South Seas (1938)南海艳影南海艷影Hong Kong
4 Army Recovers (1938)平型关" 秘平型關" 秘Hong Kong
5 At This Crucial Juncture (1938)最后关头最後關頭Hong Kong
6 At the Parting of the Ways (1938)柴米夫妻柴米夫妻Hong Kong
7 The Beautiful Puppet (1938)傀儡美人傀儡美人Hong Kong
8 Blood, Tears and Love (1938)血泪洒情天血淚灑情天Hong Kong
9 The Blood-stained Baoshan Fortress (1938)血溅宝山城血濺寶山城Hong Kong
10 The Bombing of Sanzao Island (1938)大炸三灶岛大炸三灶島Hong Kong
11 Brothers (1938)同胞兄弟同胞兄弟Hong Kong
12 Chamber of Powder and Rouge (1938)粉妆楼粉妝樓Hong Kong
13 The Corrupt Magistrate (1938)梅知府梅知府Hong Kong
14 Denying my Wife (1938)陈世美不认妻陳世美不認妻Hong Kong
15 The Eight Hundred Heroes (1938)八百壮士八百壯士China
16 Fallen Angel (1938)柳曼玲柳曼玲Hong Kong
17 Felicity and Luck (1938)如意吉祥如意吉祥Hong Kong
18 The Flying General (1938)飞将军飛將軍Hong Kong
19 Fortress of Flesh and Blood (1938)血肉长城血肉長城Hong Kong
20 Four Boys Join the Army (1938)四子从军四子從軍Hong Kong
21 General of Love (1938)桃花将军桃花將軍Hong Kong
22 The Golden-leaf Chrysanthemum (1938)金叶菊金葉菊Hong Kong
23 The Good Daughter-in-law (1938)乞米养家姑乞米養家姑Hong Kong
24 The Great Injustice (1938)六月飞霜六月飛霜Hong Kong
25 Guangdong: Special Edition (1938)东特辑東特輯Hong Kong
26 Heroes and Heroines, Part Two (1938)儿女英雄续集兒女英雄續集Hong Kong
27 The Humiliation of the Rickshaw Man (1938)拉车被辱拉車被辱Hong Kong
28 Husbands are Hard to Get (1938)难得有情郎難得有情郎Hong Kong
29 Incident in the Pacific (1938)太平洋上的风云太平洋上的風雲Hong Kong
30 The Jade Palm-leaf Fan (1938)玉葵宝扇玉葵寶扇Hong Kong
31 The Ldeal Fiance (1938)理想未婚妻理想未婚妻Hong Kong
32 The Light of People (1938)民族之光民族之光Hong Kong
33 The Lonely Son (1938)孤儿行孤兒行Hong Kong
34 Love in Wartime (1938)战云情泪戰雲情淚Hong Kong
35 The Magnificent Ones (1938)气壮山河氣壯山河Hong Kong
36 The Miser (1938)正一孤寒种正一孤寒種Hong Kong
37 Murder at the Wedding (1938)流氓小姐流氓小姐Hong Kong
38 My Son is a Woman (1938)女少爷女少爺Hong Kong
39 New Citizens (1938)新国民新國民Hong Kong
40 A Night of Romance, A Lifetime of Regret (1938)一夜夫妻一夜夫妻Hong Kong
41 The Overbearing Mother-in-law (1938)扭纹柴扭紋柴Hong Kong
42 Peace in All Ages (1938)代代平安代代平安Hong Kong
43 The Philanderer (1938)花心萝葡花心蘿葡Hong Kong
44 The Philanderer, the Final Chapter (1938)花心萝匐大结局花心蘿匐大結局Hong Kong
45 The Pipa (1938)琵琶行琵琶行Hong Kong
46 Pretty Lady (1938)销魂大姐銷魂大姐Hong Kong
47 The Price of Amour (1938)风流债風流債Hong Kong
48 The Profligate Son (1938)败家子敗家子Hong Kong
49 Protect Guangdong! (1938)保卫大广东保衛大廣東Hong Kong
50 Public Enemy (1938)公敌公敵Hong Kong
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