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1940 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 98 (98)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 As the Heart Desires (1940)从心所欲從心所欲Hong Kong
2 The Assassin (1940)鱼肠剑魚腸劍Hong Kong
3 Blood in the Forest (1940)绿林血綠林血Hong Kong
4 The Blood-stained Plum Blossom Fan (1940)血溅桃花扇血濺桃花扇Hong Kong
5 Bravest of the Brave (1940)石鬼仔出世石鬼仔出世Hong Kong
6 The Chinese Tarzan (1940)中国野人王中國野人王Hong Kong
7 Confucius (1940)孔夫子孔夫子China
8 The Emperor's Nocturnal Tryst with the Concubine (1940)雍正皇夜盗香妃雍正皇夜盜香妃Hong Kong
9 The Empress Dowager (1940)慈禧西太后慈禧西太后Hong Kong
10 Encounter with the Gods (1940)斩龙遇仙记斬龍遇仙記Hong Kong
11 Escape from the Law (1940)孝子逃刑记孝子逃刑記Hong Kong
12 Escape from the Palace (1940)慈云走国慈雲走國Hong Kong
13 Escape to the Tiger Wolf Pass (1940)偷渡虎狼关偷渡虎狼關Hong Kong
14 Expedition to the East (1940)薛仁贵征东薛仁貴征東Hong Kong
15 The Faithful Wife (1940)望夫山望夫山Hong Kong
16 Fall of the Plum Blossoms (1940)梅花落梅花落Hong Kong
17 Family Fortune (1940)重振家声重振家聲Hong Kong
18 The Five Generals (1940)五虎平西五虎平西Hong Kong
19 The Five Swordsmen's Nocturnal Tryst (1940)小五义夜探冲霄楼小五義夜探沖霄樓Hong Kong
20 Flower in a Sea of Blood (1940)血海花血海花Hong Kong
21 The Flying Bandit (1940)飞天蠄蟧飛天蠄蟧Hong Kong
22 The Flying Tiger (1940)插翼虎插翼虎Hong Kong
23 For Poorer or for Richer (1940)地狱金龟地獄金龜Hong Kong
24 For the Love of a Woman (1940)樊梨花移山倒海樊梨花移山倒海Hong Kong
25 The Gardener and a Lady (1940)薜仁贵与柳迎春薜仁貴與柳迎春Hong Kong
26 The General (1940)岳飞岳飛Hong Kong
27 The Ghost (1940)打雀遇鬼打雀遇鬼Hong Kong
28 The Goddess Helps the Bridge Builder (1940)观音化银觀音化銀Hong Kong
29 Goddess of Mercy (1940)观世音觀世音China
30 Hometown Cloud (1940)白云故乡白雲故鄉Hong Kong
31 Impossible Love (1940)赢得青楼薄幸名贏得青樓薄倖名Hong Kong
32 In Memory of a Virtuous Woman (1940)番头婆起牌坊番頭婆起牌坊Hong Kong
33 Jealousy and Suspicions (1940)疑云疑雨疑雲疑雨Hong Kong
34 The King of Killers (1940)杀人王殺人王Hong Kong
35 The Lady Takes Command (1940)穆桂英穆桂英Hong Kong
36 The Life of a Song Girl (1940)一代名花花影恨一代名花花影恨Hong Kong
37 The Light of Overseas Chinese (1940)华侨之光華僑之光Hong Kong
38 The Lion Roars in Pipa Alley (1940)虎啸枇杷巷虎嘯枇杷巷Hong Kong
39 Little Guangdong (1940)小广东小廣東Hong Kong
40 The Little Hero (1940)小英雄小英雄Hong Kong
41 The Long Life Princess (1940)长生宫主長生宮主Hong Kong
42 The Love of a Woman (1940)潘巧云潘巧雲Hong Kong
43 The Magic Eye (1940)神眼娥眉神眼娥眉Hong Kong
44 The Marrying General (1940)狄青狄青Hong Kong
45 Mayhem on the Spring Lantern Festival (1940)薜刚大闹花灯薜剛大鬧花燈Hong Kong
46 Meng Li Chun (1940)孟丽君孟麗君China
47 More Sons and More Money (1940)添丁发财添丁發財Hong Kong
48 The Mother Bridge (1940)广州顺母桥廣州順母橋Hong Kong
49 One Hundred Thousand Children's Corpses (1940)十万童尸十萬童屍Hong Kong
50 The Perfect Beauty (1940)绝代佳人絕代佳人Hong Kong
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