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1962 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 371 (371)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Ladies First (1962)好事成双好事成雙Hong Kong
102 Lady Warrior (1962)穆桂英招亲穆桂英招親Hong Kong
103 Lamenting the Fallen Petals (1962)黛玉葬花黛玉葬花Hong Kong
104 Let's Get Married (1962)我们要结婚我們要結婚Hong Kong
105 Li Shuang Shuang (1962)李双双李雙雙Mainland China
106 Lily of the Valley (1962)火中莲火中蓮Hong Kong
107 A Little Adopted Prince (1962)小薛蛟举狮观图小薛蛟舉獅觀圖Hong Kong
108 Little Artists (1962)孖生小艺人孖生小藝人Hong Kong
109 Little Beggar King (1962)乞儿小皇帝乞兒小皇帝Hong Kong
110 The Little Prime Minister, Part Two (1962)小甘罗拜相(大结局)小甘羅拜相(大結局)Hong Kong
111 Little Red Butterfly and Her Double (1962)真假小侠红蝴蝶真假小俠紅蝴蝶Hong Kong
112 Longing for Mother's Return (1962)夜夜望娘归夜夜望娘歸Hong Kong
113 Lotus in the Rain (1962)暴雨红莲暴雨紅蓮Hong Kong
114 Love Ditties on the Tea Hill (1962)茶山情歌茶山情歌Taiwan
115 Love Is What I Steal, Part One (1962)神偷情贼(上集)神偷情賊(上集)Hong Kong
116 Love Is What I Steal, Part Two (1962)神偷情贼(下集大结局)神偷情賊(下集大結局)Hong Kong
117 Love in the Pearl Chamber (1962)珠楼错珠樓錯Hong Kong
118 A Loving Husband for My Lovely Daughter (1962)好女嫁得有情郎好女嫁得有情郎Hong Kong
119 Luo Cheng at the Gate (1962)罗成叫关羅成叫關Hong Kong
120 The Magic Hero of Tian Shan (1962)天山神侠天山神俠Hong Kong
121 Magic Mirror, Mythical Pearl, Part One (1962)魔镜神珠(上集)魔鏡神珠(上集)Hong Kong
122 Magic Mirror, Mythical Pearl, Part Two (1962)魔镜神珠(大结局)魔鏡神珠(大結局)Hong Kong
123 The Magic Whip (1962)吸血神鞭吸血神鞭Hong Kong
124 The Male Bride (1962)萍水奇缘萍水奇緣Hong Kong
125 Meeting My Darling Wife in the Crypt (1962)皇陵会爱妻皇陵會愛妻Hong Kong
126 Mid-Nightmare (1962)夜半歌声夜半歌聲Hong Kong
127 Midnight Terror (1962)午夜勾魂午夜勾魂Hong Kong
128 The Monkey King Stormed the Sea Palace (1962)孙悟空闹龙宫孫悟空鬧龍宮Hong Kong
129 Monster (1962)黄毛怪人黃毛怪人Hong Kong
130 Murder in the Bathroom (1962)浴室飞尸浴室飛屍Hong Kong
131 Murder in the Car (1962)汽车凶杀案汽車兇殺案Hong Kong
132 My Friend's Wife (1962)嫂夫人嫂夫人Hong Kong
133 My Little Lucky Star (1962)小福星小福星Hong Kong
134 Mysterious Murder (1962)神秘凶杀案神秘兇殺案Hong Kong
135 The Mysterious Murderer (1962)神秘的凶手神秘的兇手Hong Kong
136 Naval Battle of 1894 (1962)甲午风云甲午風雲Mainland China
137 The New Magic Cup (1962)新夜光杯新夜光杯Hong Kong
138 The New Tale of the Flying Crane, Part One (1962)仙鹤神针新传 (上集)仙鶴神針新傳 (上集)Hong Kong
139 Night Must Fall (1962)夜深沉夜深沉Hong Kong
140 Of Gratitude and Revenge (1962)湖海恩仇湖海恩仇Hong Kong
141 Our Adopted Daughter (1962)路边千金路邊千金Hong Kong
142 Our Love Solid as Gold (1962)情比金坚情比金堅Hong Kong
143 Our Love Solid as Gold (1962)苦雨春风苦雨春風Hong Kong
144 Passage Through the Wild Goose (1962)双太子飞渡雁门关雙太子飛渡雁門關Hong Kong
145 Pearl in a Bitter Sea (1962)苦海明珠苦海明珠Hong Kong
146 A Perfect Match (1962)门当户对門當戶對Hong Kong
147 A Petition of the Beggar Prince (1962)银合太子乞食告御状銀合太子乞食告御狀Hong Kong
148 Phantom of the Jade Chamber (1962)琼楼魔影瓊樓魔影Hong Kong
149 Phoenix Ornament (1962)钗头凤釵頭鳳Hong Kong
150 Player aka A Song of Tears (1962)琴台泪影琴台淚影Hong Kong
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