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1965 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 353 (353)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1pinyin (zhen1 zheng4) wu2 zi4 tian1 shu1 (1965)(真正)无字天书(真正)無字天書Hong Kong
2 Adventures of Nazha (1965)哪吒三戏红孩儿哪吒三戲紅孩兒Hong Kong
3 Adventures of a Woman in a War (1965)战地奇女子戰地奇女子Hong Kong
4 Agent 101 (1965)特务101特務101Hong Kong
5 Agent Black Spider (1965)特务黑蜘蛛特務黑蜘蛛Hong Kong
6 All Packed in a Small House (1965)木屋沙甸鱼木屋沙甸魚Hong Kong
7 The All-powerful Flute (1965)箫声震武林(上集)簫聲震武林(上集)Hong Kong
8 The All-powerful Flute, Part Two (1965)箫声震武林(大结局)簫聲震武林(大結局)Hong Kong
9 The Ambitious Prince (1965)雄心太子雄心太子Hong Kong
10 Aunt Ping, Part One (1965)萍嫂 (上集)萍嫂 (上集)Hong Kong
11 Aunt Ping, Part Two (1965)萍嫂 (下集大结局)萍嫂 (下集大結局)Hong Kong
12 Back Together (1965)喜结未了缘喜結未了緣Hong Kong
13 Beautiful Duckling (1965)养鸭人家養鴨人家Taiwan
14 Beautiful Queen of Hell, Part One (1965)玉面阎罗上集玉面閻羅上集Hong Kong
15 Beautiful Queen of Hell, Part Two (1965)玉面阎罗 (下集大结局)玉面閻羅 (下集大結局)Hong Kong
16 A Begger's Daughter (1965)金玉奴金玉奴Hong Kong
17 Between Malaysia anad Hualian (1965)特辑-马来西亚对华联特輯-馬來西亞對華聯Hong Kong
18 Between Man and Ghost (1965)人鬼恩仇人鬼恩仇Hong Kong
19 Black Holidays (1965)黑色的假期黑色的假期Hong Kong
20 The Black Rose (1965)黑玫瑰黑玫瑰Hong Kong
21 The Black Widow (1965)黑寡妇黑寡婦Hong Kong
22 The Blind Swordsman, Part One (1965)盲侠穿心剑(上集)盲俠穿心劍(上集)Hong Kong
23 The Blind Swordsman, Part Two (1965)盲侠穿心剑(下集)盲俠穿心劍(下集)Hong Kong
24 The Blood-stained Butterly Mountain (1965)血染蝴蝶山血染蝴蝶山Hong Kong
25 Bloodshed on Wedding Day (1965)新婚大血案新婚大血案Hong Kong
26 Blundering Detective (1965)行正乌龙运行正烏龍運Hong Kong
27 Blundering Detective (1965)糊涂大侦探糊塗大偵探Hong Kong
28 Blundering Woman Detective aka Mimi Private Eye (1965)糊涂女侦探糊塗女偵探Hong Kong
29 Bond of Love (1965)结发情結髮情Hong Kong
30 A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Part One (1965)玉女英魂(上集)玉女英魂(上集)Hong Kong
31 A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Part Two (1965)玉女英魂(下集大结局)玉女英魂(下集大結局)Hong Kong
32 Burning of Pingyang City (1965)火烧平阳城火燒平陽城Hong Kong
33 Call of the Sea (1965)怒海情仇怒海情仇Hong Kong
34 The Chameleon (1965)变色龙變色龍Hong Kong
35 Competing Heroes (1965)帝强争雄记帝彊爭雄記Hong Kong
36 Country Boy Goes to Town (1965)看牛仔出城看牛仔出城Hong Kong
37 Country Girl Goes to Town (1965)乡下妹出城鄉下妹出城Hong Kong
38 Crazy Young Master (1965)花癫大少花癲大少Hong Kong
39 Crocodile River (1965)鳄鱼河鱷魚河Hong Kong
40 The Curse (1965)毒降头毒降頭Hong Kong
41 Dial 999 for the Three Murderers (1965)九九九离奇三凶手九九九離奇三兇手Hong Kong
42 Diary of a Wife (1965)太太日记太太日記Hong Kong
43 Dim-Sum Queen (1965)点心皇后點心皇后Hong Kong
44 Dodder Flower (1965)菟丝花菟絲花Taiwan
45 Doomed Love (1965)情天劫情天劫Hong Kong
46 Dr Sun Yatsen (1965)孙中山先生孫中山先生Hong Kong
47 The Drifting Girl (1965)飘零雁飄零雁Hong Kong
48 A Drop of Chilvarous Blood, Part One (1965)一滴侠义血(上集)一滴俠義血(上集)Hong Kong
49 A Drop of Chilvarous Blood, Part Two (1965)一滴侠义血(下集)一滴俠義血(下集)Hong Kong
50 The East Is Red (1965)东方红東方紅Mainland China
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