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1966 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 325 (325)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 The 14th Daughter of Hsin Family (1966)辛十四娘辛十四娘Hong Kong
2 The 1966 Hara-Hara Dance Contest (1966)哈拉舞后表演及加冕大哈拉舞后表演及加冕大Hong Kong
3 701, the Blundering Woman Detective (1966)701乌龙女侦探701烏龍女偵探Hong Kong
4 The Adventures of "I Have Come" aka I-Have-Come (1966)我来也我來也Hong Kong
5 Affection (1966)亲情深似海親情深似海Hong Kong
6 Aftermath of a Fire, Part One (1966)劫火红莲(上集)劫火紅蓮(上集)Hong Kong
7 Aftermath of a Fire, Part Two (1966)劫火红莲(下集)劫火紅蓮(下集)Hong Kong
8 Ah Chun Wants to Get Marry (1966)阿珍要嫁人阿珍要嫁人Hong Kong
9 An Avenger's Tale, Part One (1966)铁血恩仇录(上集)鐵血恩仇錄(上集)Hong Kong
10 An Avenger's Tale, Part Two (1966)铁血恩仇录 (下集大结局)鐵血恩仇錄 (下集大結局)Hong Kong
11 Back-up Bride (1966)后备新娘後備新娘Hong Kong
12 Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Part One (1966)双凤旗 (上集)雙鳳旗 (上集)Hong Kong
13 Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Part Two (1966)双凤旗 (下集)雙鳳旗 (下集)Hong Kong
14 Between Justice and Love (1966)法网情丝法網情絲Hong Kong
15 The Big Chase (1966)玉女追凶玉女追兇Hong Kong
16 Bitter Fear (1966)冷月离魂冷月離魂Hong Kong
17 Black Peony (1966)情贼黑牡丹情賊黑牡丹Hong Kong
18 The Blue and the Black, Part One (1966)蓝与黑上集藍與黑上集Hong Kong
19 The Blue and the Black, Part Two (1966)蓝与黑下集藍與黑下集Hong Kong
20 The Book, the Sword and the Spirit (1966)书剑幽魂書劍幽魂Hong Kong
21 The Broken Heart (1966)断肠玫瑰斷腸玫瑰Hong Kong
22 Bus Money Wiped Out the Evils (1966)巴士银妙计除三害巴士銀妙計除三害Hong Kong
23 But How Cruel You Are (1966)郎心何太忍郎心何太忍Hong Kong
24 Car Owner (1966)有车阶级有車階級Hong Kong
25 Colourful Youth (1966)彩色青春彩色青春Hong Kong
26 Come Drink with Me (1966)大醉侠大醉俠Hong Kong
27 The Cricket and the King (1966)蟋蟀皇帝蟋蟀皇帝Hong Kong
28 The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966)女黑侠木兰花女黑俠木蘭花Hong Kong
29 The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua Shattered the Black Dragon Gang (1966)女黑侠木兰花血战黑龙党女黑俠木蘭花血戰黑龍黨Hong Kong
30 Dawn Will Come (1966)魂断奈何天魂斷奈何天Hong Kong
31 The Deadly Angel (1966)毒天使毒天使Hong Kong
32 A Debt of Blood (1966)乱世儿女亂世兒女Hong Kong
33 The Detective (1966)神探智破艳尸案神探智破艷屍案Hong Kong
34 Double Exposure (1966)千手奇女子千手奇女子Hong Kong
35 Double Relation (1966)亲上加亲親上加親Hong Kong
36 Downhill They Ride (1966)山贼山賊Hong Kong
37 Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)肉搏明月湾肉搏明月灣Hong Kong
38 Duriful Daughter, The (1966)孝女珠珠孝女珠珠Hong Kong
39 Eight Dieties (1966)太平山八仙奇遇太平山八仙奇遇Hong Kong
40 The Eighteen Darts, Part One (1966)两湖十八镖(上集)兩湖十八鏢(上集)Hong Kong
41 The Eighteen Darts, Part Two (1966)两湖十八镖(下集大结局)兩湖十八鏢(下集大結局)Hong Kong
42 The Elusive Golden Butterfly (1966)真假金蝴蝶真假金蝴蝶Hong Kong
43 Embroidered Scarf (1966)鸳鸯帕鴛鴦帕Hong Kong
44 The Espionage (1966)秘密客秘密客Hong Kong
45 Eternal Love (1966)七彩胡不归七彩胡不歸Hong Kong
46 A Fatal Adventure (1966)神秘的血案神秘的血案Hong Kong
47 Forget Me Not (1966)空谷兰空谷蘭Hong Kong
48 Forget Not Tonight (1966)莫忘今宵莫忘今宵Hong Kong
49 Four Sisters (1966)四姊妹四姊妹Hong Kong
50 The Fugitive (1966)草莽喋血记草莽喋血記Hong Kong
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