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1979 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 280 (281)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 2 (2) TV 8 (8)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 Abbot of Shaolin (1979)少林英雄榜少林英雄榜Hong Kong
2 Affairs (1979)冤家冤家Hong Kong
3 After the Blue Light Shines (1979)蓝光闪过之后藍光閃過之後Mainland China
4 The Almighty Extra (1979)通天临记通天臨記Hong Kong
5 Anxious To Return (1979)归心似箭歸心似箭Mainland China
6 Aolei Yilan, Part 1 (1979)傲蕾·一兰上集傲蕾·一蘭上集Mainland China
7 Aolei Yilan, Part 2 (1979)傲蕾·一兰下集傲蕾·一蘭下集Mainland China
8 Bao Zheng Apologizes (1979)包公赔情包公賠情Mainland China
9 Baptism of Blood and Fire, The (1979)血与火的洗礼血與火的洗禮Mainland China
10 Big Boss of Shanghai (1979)上海滩大亨上海灘大亨Hong Kong
11 Blind Fist of Bruce (1979)盲拳鬼手盲拳鬼手Hong Kong
12 Boyfriend (1979)男朋友男朋友Hong Kong
13 The Brothers (1979)差人.大佬.搏命仔差人.大佬.搏命仔Hong Kong
14 Bruce and the Iron Finger (1979)大教头与骚娘子大教頭與騷娘子Hong Kong
15 Budo Wing (1979)猪肉荣豬肉榮Hong Kong
16 Bus No.3 (1979)小字辈小字輩Mainland China
17 The Butterfly Murders (1979)蝶变蝶變Hong Kong
18 Caning (1979)打藤打籐Hong Kong
19 Cantonen Iron Kung Fu (1979)广东铁桥三廣東鐵橋三Hong Kong
20 The Challenger (1979)踢馆踢館Hong Kong
21 Claws and the (1979)截拳鹰爪功截拳鷹爪功Hong Kong
22 Cops & Robbers (1979)点指兵兵點指兵兵Hong Kong
23 Cradle (1979)啊!摇篮啊!搖籃Mainland China
24 Crazy Boy and Pop-Eye (1979)戆居仔与牛咁眼戇居仔與牛咁眼Hong Kong
25 Crazy Couple (1979)无招胜有招無招勝有招Hong Kong
26 Crazy Couple (1979)销魂玉銷魂玉Hong Kong
27 Crazy Hustlers (1979)懵仔傻妹妙侦探懵仔傻妹妙偵探Hong Kong
28 Crazy Partner (1979)新贴错门神新貼錯門神Hong Kong
29 Cricket (1979)头蟀頭蟀Hong Kong
30 Crystal Fist (1979)奇招奇招Hong Kong
31 Dance of the Drunk Mantis (1979)南北醉拳南北醉拳Hong Kong
32 The Daredevils (1979)杂技亡命队雜技亡命隊Hong Kong
33 The Daring King's Flag (1979)闯王旗闖王旗Mainland China
34 The Deadly Breaking Sword (1979)风流断剑小小刀風流斷劍小小刀Hong Kong
35 Dirty Ho (1979)烂头何爛頭何Hong Kong
36 Disco Fever (1979)油脂曱甴油脂曱甴Hong Kong
37 Dragon Fist (1979)龙拳龍拳Hong Kong
38 The Dragon and the Tiger Kids (1979)龙虎门龍虎門Hong Kong
39 Duel of the Seven Tigers (1979)六合千手六合千手Hong Kong
40 Effendi (1979)阿凡提阿凡提Mainland China
41 The Fearless Hyena (1979)笑拳怪招笑拳怪招Hong Kong
42 Fight (1979)斗法鬥法Hong Kong
43 Fist and Guts (1979)一胆二力三功夫一胆二力三功夫Hong Kong
44 Five Superfighters (1979)唐山五虎唐山五虎Hong Kong
45 A Fledgling Gymnast (1979)乳燕飞乳燕飛Mainland China
46 Flower Just Smile in the Spring Breeze (1979)花伴舞春风花伴舞春風Taiwan
47 Flying to the Future (1979)飞向未来飛向未來Mainland China
48 The Forbidden Past (1979)小楼残梦小樓殘夢Hong Kong
49 Forbidden to be Born (1979)雪山泪雪山淚Mainland China
50 Forced Marriage (1979)逼婚记逼婚記Mainland China
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