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1981 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 26 (27)

Others: Feature Film 335 (336) Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series The Chinese Detective (1981) [non-Chinese]The Chinese DetectiveThe Chinese DetectiveUK
2TV Programme Faces & Places: Floating Clouds (1981)香港香港-浮云香港香港-浮雲Hong Kong
3TV Programme Faces & Places: Till We Meet Again (1981)香港香港-江湖再见香港香港-江湖再見Hong Kong
4TV Series The Fate (1981)火凤凰火鳳凰Hong Kong
5TV Series The Fist (1981)陈真陳真Hong Kong
6TV Series The Hawks (1981)飞鹰飛鷹Hong Kong
7TV Series Legendary Fok (1981)大侠霍元甲大俠霍元甲Hong Kong
8TV Series The Lonely Hunter (1981)过客過客Hong Kong
9TV Series Love Forever (1981)四季情四季情Hong Kong
10TV Series The Misadventure of Zoo (1981)流氓皇帝流氓皇帝Hong Kong
11TV Series Princess Cheung Ping (1981)武侠帝女花武俠帝女花Hong Kong
12TV Series The Shell Game II (1981)千王群英会千王群英會Hong Kong
13TV Series Yong Wong Fei Hung (1981)少年黄飞鸿少年黃飛鴻Hong Kong
14TV Series The Young Heroes of Shaolin (1981)英雄出少年英雄出少年Hong Kong
15TV Series Young's Female Warriors (1981)杨门女将楊門女將Hong Kong
16pinyinTV Series ci4 qing1 (1981)刺青刺青Hong Kong
17pinyinTV Series dou4 ya2 meng4 (1981)豆芽梦豆芽夢Hong Kong
18pinyinTV Series feng1 huo3 fei1 hua1 (1981)烽火飞花烽火飛花Hong Kong
19pinyinTV Series feng1 yu3 qing2 (1981)风雨晴風雨晴Hong Kong
20pinyinTV Series fo2 shan1 zan4 xian1 sheng1 (1981)佛山赞先生佛山贊先生Hong Kong
21pinyinTV Series long2 hu3 shuang1 ba4 tian1 (1981)龙虎双霸天龍虎雙霸天Hong Kong
22pinyinTV Series miao4 shou3 shen2 tou1 (1981)妙手神偷妙手神偷Hong Kong
23pinyinTV Series qing2 mi2 (1981)情迷情謎Hong Kong
24pinyinTV Series ta1 de yi4 sheng1 (1981)他的一生他的一生Hong Kong
25pinyinTV Programme wei1 shui3 shi4 jia1 (1981)威水世家威水世家Hong Kong
26pinyinTV Series wei4 liao3 qing2 (1981)未了情未了情Hong Kong
27pinyinTV Series xia1 qiu2 zhuan4 (1981)虾球传蝦球傳Mainland China

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