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1982 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 323 (323)

Others: Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1) TV 26 (26)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 36 Secrets of Courtship (1982)追女三十六房追女三十六房
2 The 82 Tenants (1982)八十二家房客八十二家房客Hong Kong
3 Aces Go Places (1982)最佳拍档最佳拍檔Hong Kong
4 After Being Trapped (1982)诱捕之后誘捕之後Mainland China
5 After Raining (1982)雨后雨後Mainland China
6 All the King's Men (1982)天下第一天下第一Hong Kong
7 As You Wish (1982)如意如意Mainland China
8 At Middle Age (1982)人到中年人到中年Mainland China
9 Attack Force Z (1982)Z字特攻队Z字特攻隊Taiwan/
10 Beauty's Tears (1982)西施泪西施淚Mainland China
11 Before Retired (1982)家务清官家務清官Mainland China
12 Behind the Storm (1982)兽心獸心Hong Kong
13 Bicycle Gang, The (1982)心灵的火花心靈的火花Mainland China
14 Boat People (1982)投奔怒海投奔怒海Hong Kong
15 Brave Archer and His Mate (1982)神雕侠侣神雕俠侶Hong Kong
16 Brother Echo (1982)应声阿哥應聲阿哥Mainland China
17 Brothers From Walled City (1982)城寨出来者城寨出來者Hong Kong
18 Bruce Strikes Back (1982)凶终凶終Hong Kong
19 Bubbling Spring (1982)泉水叮咚泉水叮咚Mainland China
20 Buddha's Palm (1982)如来神掌如來神掌Hong Kong
21 Burn Phoenix Burn (1982)燃烧吧!火鸟燃燒吧!火鳥Taiwan
22 A Capable Wife (1982)内当家內當家Mainland China
23 Carry On Pickpocket (1982)提防小手提防小手Hong Kong
24 Carry On Police (1982)拍拖更拍拖更Hong Kong
25 Cat Vs Rat (1982)御猫三戏锦毛鼠御貓三戲錦毛鼠Hong Kong
26 Catchers (1982)鬼画符鬼畫符Hong Kong
27 Centipede Horror (1982)蜈蚣咒蜈蚣咒Hong Kong
28 Clan Feuds (1982)大旗英雄传大旗英雄傳Hong Kong
29 The Colorful Bridge (1982)彩桥彩橋Mainland China
30 Coolie Killer (1982)杀出西营盘殺出西營盤Hong Kong
31 The Cop with a Special Identity (1982)特殊身份的警官特殊身份的警官Mainland China
32 A Corner in the City (1982)都市里的村庄都市裏的村莊Mainland China
33 Countering Lights (1982)逆光逆光Mainland China
34 The Crane Flying Back (1982)飞来的仙鹤飛來的仙鶴Mainland China
35 Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey (1982)癫马灵猴癲馬靈猴Hong Kong
36 Crimson Street (1982)杀入爱情街殺入愛情街Hong Kong
37 Cuckoo Ushers Spring In (1982)布谷催春布谷催春Mainland China
38 Curse Of Evil (1982)邪咒邪咒Hong Kong
39 Cut-Thoat Struggle For An Invaluable Treasure (1982)塞外夺宝塞外奪寶Hong Kong
40 Daughter of the Sun (1982)太阳的女儿太陽的女兒Mainland China
41 Dead and the Deadly, The (1982)人吓人人嚇人Hong Kong
42 Death of Hua Gu, The (1982)忘忧草忘懮草Mainland China
43 Deep in Heart (1982)心灵深处心靈深處Mainland China
44 The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang (1982)楚留香大结局楚留香大結局Taiwan
45 Devil (1982)摩登天师摩登天師Hong Kong
46 Dirty Angel (1982)沙煲兄弟沙煲兄弟Hong Kong
47 Dongfang Jian (1982)东方剑東方劍Mainland China
48 Double Happiness (1982)张灯结彩張燈結彩Mainland China
49 Dr. D. S. Kotnis (1982)柯棣华大夫柯棣華大夫Mainland China
50 Dragon Force (1982)神探光头妹神探光頭妹Hong Kong
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