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1982 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 26 (26)

Others: Feature Film 323 (323) Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils (1982)天龙八部天龍八部Mainland China
2TV Series The Emissary (1982)猎鹰獵鷹Hong Kong
3TV Series The Wild Bunch (1982)十三太保十三太保Hong Kong
4pinyinTV Series ai4 qing2 an1 ge1 (1982)爱情安哥愛情安哥Hong Kong
5pinyinTV Series chi1 qing2 jie2 (1982)痴情劫癡情劫Hong Kong
6pinyinTV Series cuo1 tuo2 sui4 yue4 (1982)蹉跎岁月蹉跎歲月Mainland China
7pinyinTV Series cuo4 jie2 liang2 yuan2 (1982)错结良缘錯結良緣Hong Kong
8pinyinTV Series fei1 yue4 shi2 ba1 ceng2 (1982)飞越十八层飛越十八層Hong Kong
9pinyinTV Series fu2 xing1 gao1 zhao4 (1982)福星高照福星高照Hong Kong
10pinyinTV Series gu1 cheng2 ke4 (1982)孤城客孤城客Hong Kong
11pinyinTV Series guo4 shan1 che1 (1982)过山车過山車Hong Kong
12pinyinTV Series hua1 ting3 xiao3 ying1 xiong2 (1982)花艇小英雄花艇小英雄Hong Kong
13pinyinTV Series huo2 li4 shi2 yi1 (1982)活力十一活力十一Hong Kong
14pinyinTV Series jia4 ri4 feng1 qing2 (1982)假日风情假日風情Hong Kong
15pinyinTV Series jiang1 jun1 chou2 ju1 (1982)将军抽车將軍抽車Hong Kong
16pinyinTV Series jing1 tu2 (1982)荆途荊途Hong Kong
17pinyinTV Series lang2 gui1 wan3 (1982)郎归晚郎歸晚Hong Kong
18pinyinTV Series nan2 zi3 han4 (1982)男子汉男子漢Hong Kong
19pinyinTV Series shen2 nu:3 you3 xin1 (1982)神女有心神女有心Hong Kong
20pinyinTV Series shuang1 mian4 ren2 (1982)双面人雙面人Hong Kong
21pinyinTV Series su1 qi3 er2 (1982)苏乞儿蘇乞兒Hong Kong
22pinyinTV Series wan4 shui3 qian1 shan1 zong3 shi4 qing2 (1982)万水千山总是情萬水千山總是情Hong Kong
23pinyinTV Series xi4 ban1 xiao3 zi (1982)戏班小子戲班小子Hong Kong
24pinyinTV Series xiang1 cheng2 lang4 zi3 (1982)香城浪子香城浪子Hong Kong
25pinyinTV Series xin1 min2 jian1 chuan2 qi2 (1982)新民间传奇新民間傳奇Hong Kong
26pinyinTV Series xing1 chen2 (1982)星尘星塵Hong Kong

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