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1984 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 270 (271)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1) TV 11 (11)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 The 8-Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)五郎八卦棍五郎八卦棍Hong Kong
2 Aces Go Places: Our Man from Bond Street (1984)最佳拍档之女皇密令最佳拍檔之女皇密令Hong Kong
3 An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984)唐朝豪放女唐朝豪放女Hong Kong
4 And Now What's Your Name (1984)先生贵姓先生貴姓Hong Kong
5 Ann Ann (1984)安安安安Taiwan
6 At Age of 14, 15 (1984)十四、五岁十四、五歲Mainland China
7 At the Bank of Yellow River (1984)黄河之滨黃河之濱Mainland China
8 At the Beach (1984)海滩海灘Mainland China
9 At the Foot of the Icy Mountain (1984)冰山脚下冰山腳下Mainland China
10 Banana Cop (1984)英伦琵琶英倫琵琶Hong Kong
11 Be Careful Sweetheart (1984)情人看刀情人看刀Hong Kong
12 Be Head Over Heels in Love (1984)一往情深一往情深Mainland China
13 Before Dawn (1984)第8站第8站Hong Kong
14 Behind the Screen (1984)在银幕後面在銀幕後面Mainland China
15 Beloved Daddy (1984)失婚老豆失婚老豆Hong Kong
16 Blew up at Dawn (1984)拂晓的爆炸拂曉的爆炸Mainland China
17 Blue Flowers (1984)蓝色的花藍色的花Mainland China
18 Bon Voyage (1984)一路顺风一路順風Mainland China
19 The Border Town (1984)边城邊城Mainland China
20 Break the Fog (1984)破雾破霧Taiwan
21 Bright-Eyes (1984)明姑娘明姑娘Mainland China
22 Broken Moon (1984)残月殘月Mainland China
23 Brother Boss and Sister Electrician (1984)老板哥与电妹子老闆哥與電妹子Hong Kong
24 The Cabin Covered with Vines (1984)爬满青藤的小屋爬滿青藤的小屋Hong Kong
25 Certain Romance, A (1984)少女日记少女日記Taiwan
26 Challenge On Chasing Girls (1984)初哥初哥Hong Kong
27 Cherie (1984)雪儿雪兒Hong Kong
28 Childhood Friends (1984)童年的朋友童年的朋友Mainland China
29 Children of Bashan Mountain (1984)巴山儿女巴山兒女Mainland China
30 Chilly Night (1984)寒夜寒夜Mainland China
31 Choosing the Commander (1984)三关点帅三關點帥Hong Kong
32 Circumscribing Around Dunhuang (1984)大西北奇观大西北奇觀Hong Kong
33 City Cop (1984)公仆公仆Hong Kong
34 Class Two of the Fifth Grade (1984)五(2)班五(2)班Mainland China
35 Clearly Stream, The (1984)清亮的小溪清亮的小溪Mainland China
36 Code 213 (1984)代号213代號213Mainland China
37 The Colorful Dawn (1984)多彩的晨光多彩的晨光Mainland China
38 Comedy (1984)马后炮馬後砲Hong Kong
39 The Company (1984)仔襟兄弟孖襟兄弟Hong Kong
40 Contemporary Style (1984)当代风格當代風格Mainland China
41 The Contemporary Style (1984)点燃朝霞的人點燃朝霞的人Mainland China
42 Critical Moment, The (1984)关键时刻關鍵時刻Mainland China
43 The Cuckoo Crying Blood (1984)杜鹃啼血杜鵑啼血Mainland China
44 Dare Devil Divers (1984)碰海人碰海人Hong Kong
45 Daring Kung Fu Refugee (1984)傻探出更傻探出更Hong Kong
46 Daughter of the Dragon King (1984)龙女龍女Mainland China
47 Daughter-in-Law to Come (1984)毛脚媳妇毛腳媳婦Mainland China
48 Death Ring (1984)擂台擂台Hong Kong/Taiwan
49 Doctor in Turbulent Days (1984)乱世郎中亂世郎中Mainland China
50 The Dongling Robbery (1984)东陵大盗東陵大盜Mainland China
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