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1987 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 302 (303)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 4 (4) Animation 1 (1) TV 4 (4)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 Amnesty Decree (1987)魔鬼天使魔鬼天使Hong Kong
2 Amourous Event in a Mountain Village (1987)山村风月山村風月Mainland China
3 Angel (1987)天使行动天使行動Hong Kong
4 Angel and Devil (1987)天使与魔鬼天使與魔鬼Mainland China
5 Anonymous Phone Calls (1987)匿名电话匿名電話Mainland China
6 An Autumn's Tale (1987)秋天的童话秋天的童話Hong Kong
7 Awakening From a Dream (1987)迷梦初醒迷夢初醒Mainland China
8 Be My Lovely Child Again (1987)期待你长大期待你長大Taiwan
9 Beautician and the Artist, The (1987)化妆师与漫画家化妝師與漫畫家Mainland China
10 Beijing Kebabs (1987)嘿,哥们儿嘿,哥們兒Mainland China
11 Between Life and Death (1987)死去活来死去活來Mainland China
12 The Big Brother (1987)1哥1哥Hong Kong
13 A Bit (1987)点点滴滴點點滴滴Mainland China
14 Born To Gamble (1987)烂赌英雄爛賭英雄Hong Kong
15 Both Willingness (1987)两厢情愿兩廂情願Mainland China
16 Breaking the Speed Limit (1987)超速超速Mainland China
17 Castle Serenade (1987)古堡小夜曲古堡小夜曲Mainland China
18 Caught Between Lovers (1987)山雀儿山雀兒Mainland China
19 The Cave of Desire (1987)落山风落山風Taiwan
20 Cherry Blossoms (1987)郁达夫传奇郁達夫傳奇Hong Kong
21 The Child of Peach (1987)新桃太郎新桃太郎
22 A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)倩女幽魂倩女幽魂Hong Kong
23 The Chinese Olive-green Roof (1987)橄榄绿屋顶橄欖綠屋頂Mainland China
24 City Girl (1987)城市丽人城市麗人Hong Kong
25 City On Fire (1987)龙虎风云龍虎風雲Hong Kong
26 Code Name Flash (1987)闪电战士閃電戰士Mainland China
27 Code of Honour (1987)义本无言義本無言Hong Kong
28 Come Back, Smiling (1987)回来吧!微笑回來吧!微笑Mainland China
29 Crazy Spirit (1987)养鬼仔養鬼仔Hong Kong
30 Crying and Laughing (1987)哭笑不得哭笑不得Mainland China
31 Dangerous Honeymoon (1987)危险的蜜月旅行危險的蜜月旅行Mainland China
32 Daughter of the Nile (1987)尼罗河的女儿尼羅河的女兒Taiwan
33 Death Camp (1987)死亡集中营死亡集中營Mainland China
34 Death and the Maiden (1987)死神与少女死神與少女Mainland China
35 Death of a Model Girl (1987)女模特之死女模特之死Mainland China
36 A Desert Lion (1987)荒漠中的狮子荒漠中的獅子Mainland China
37 Desire and Jealousy (1987)欲望三角洲慾望三角洲Mainland China
38 Desperation (1987)最后的疯狂最後的瘋狂Mainland China
39 Disappointment (1987)失恋者失戀者Mainland China
40 Dislocation (1987)错位錯位Mainland China
41 Don't Kidding Me (1987)别叫我疤痢別叫我疤痢Mainland China
42 Double Fixation (1987)意乱情迷意亂情迷Hong Kong
43 Dust in the Wind (1987)恋恋风尘戀戀風塵Taiwan
44 Earn Money with "Suona" (1987)招财童子招財童子Mainland China
45 Eastern Condors (1987)东方秃鹰東方禿鷹Hong Kong
46 Easy Money (1987)通天大盗通天大盜Hong Kong
47 Eight Women Fighters (1987)八女投江八女投江Mainland China
48 The Emperor of Qin Dynasty (1987)千古一帝千古一帝Mainland China
49 Empire of the Sun (1987) [non-Chinese]太阳帝国太陽帝國USA
50 Empress Makes a Mistake, The (1987)女皇错断梨花案女皇錯斷梨花案Mainland China
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