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1990 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 308 (310)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 10 (10)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 An Absurd Event (1990)荒唐事件荒唐事件Mainland China
2 Absurdities in a City (1990)江城奇事江城奇事Mainland China
3 The Acrobats' Son (1990)当代小侠當代小俠Mainland China
4 An Actress in Dragon (1990)男子汉舞厅的女明星男子漢舞廳的女明星Mainland China
5 Adventure of a Clawn, The (1990)小丑历险记小醜歷險記Mainland China
6 The Affectionate Monk (1990)多情的小和尚多情的小和尚Mainland China
7 Ah Fu's Love Life (1990)阿福哥的命运阿福哥的命運Mainland China
8 All for the Winner (1990)赌圣賭聖Hong Kong
9 Amid the Howling Wind (1990)落山风落山風Mainland China
10 Angel's Mission (1990)先发制人先發制人Hong Kong
11 An Army in an Impasse (1990)兵临绝境兵臨絕境Mainland China
12 Assassination of Han Fuju (1990)民国特大谋杀案民國特大謀殺案Mainland China
13 BB30 (1990)BB30BB30Hong Kong
14 Best Friend of the Cops (1990)猪标一族豬標一族Hong Kong
15 Bethune: the Making of a Hero (1990)白求恩——一个英雄的成长白求恩——一個英雄的成長Mainland China/Canada
16 The Big Millhouse (1990)大磨坊大磨坊Mainland China/Hong Kong
17 The Big Score (1990)绝桥智多星絕橋智多星Hong Kong
18 A Bit of Love (1990)一咬OK一咬OKHong Kong
19 Black Greed (1990)黑色狂人黑色狂人
20 Black Snow (1990)本命年本命年Mainland China
21 Blood Oath (1990)血誓血誓Mainland China
22 Blood-Red Diamond (1990)滴血钻石滴血鑽石Mainland China
23 Bloody Battle in Taocheng (1990)浴血疆城浴血疆城Mainland China
24 The Bloody Morning (1990)血色清晨血色清晨Mainland China
25 Brave Young Girls (1990)黑海霸王花黑海霸王花Hong Kong
26 Brief Encounter in Tokyo (1990)小男人周记之错在新宿小男人周記之錯在新宿Hong Kong
27 Brothers (1990)最佳贼拍档最佳賊拍檔Hong Kong
28 Bullet in the Head (1990)喋血街头喋血街頭Hong Kong
29 Burning Wedding Veil, The (1990)燃烧的婚纱燃燒的婚紗Mainland China
30 The Case of the Buddha (1990)佛光侠影佛光俠影Mainland China
31 Challenge (1990)挑战挑戰Mainland China
32 Chicken a la Queen (1990)快乐的小鸡快樂的小雞Hong Kong
33 Children's Expedition (1990)一号探险行动一號探險行動Mainland China
34 A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990)倩女幽魂 II:人间道倩女幽魂 II:人間道Hong Kong
35 Chinese Policewomen (1990)中国霸王花中國霸王花Mainland China
36 City Cop (1990)都市刑警都市刑警Mainland China
37 Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind II (1990)鬼咬鬼鬼咬鬼Hong Kong
38 Cockfighting (1990)斗鸡鬥雞Mainland China
39 Conspirators (1990)龙蛇争霸龍蛇爭霸Mainland China
40 Contract of Divorce (1990)离婚合同離婚合同Mainland China
41 Cop and Sleuth (1990)猛警神探猛警神探Mainland China
42 Curry and Pepper (1990)咖喱辣椒咖喱辣椒Hong Kong
43 The Cyprus Tigers (1990)东方老虎東方老虎Hong Kong
44 Dancing Bull (1990)舞牛舞牛Hong Kong
45 Dangerous Deal, The (1990)危险的交易危險的交易Mainland China
46 Dare to Die Corps (1990)海狮敢死队海獅敢死隊Mainland China
47 Death at the Carefree Mansion (1990)索命逍遥楼索命逍遙樓Mainland China
48 Defying Death (1990)死拼死拼Mainland China
49 Demon (1990)夜魔先生夜魔先生Hong Kong
50 Demoness from Thousand Years (1990)千年女妖千年女妖Hong Kong
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