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1993 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 409 (413)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 2 (2) Animation 0 TV 13 (13)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
201 Lord of East China Sea II (1993)上海皇帝之雄霸天下上海皇帝之雄霸天下Hong Kong
202 Lost Hero, The (1993)迷途英雄迷途英雄Mainland China
203 Lottery Ticket (1993)万元惊梦萬元驚夢Mainland China
204 Love Among the Triad (1993)爱在黑社会的日子愛在黑社會的日子Hong Kong
205 Love Chaser (1993)惊天桃色劫驚天桃色劫Hong Kong
206 Love In Den (1993)魔窟生死恋魔窟生死戀Mainland China
207 Love On the Changing Stage (1993)沧桑梨园情滄桑梨園情Mainland China
208 The Love That is Wrong (1993)男与女男與女
209 Love in Crisis (1993)爱情危机愛情危機Mainland China
210 Love is Forever (1993)不能没有爱不能沒有愛Mainland China
211 Love is Over (1993)三剑侠与飞机妹三劍俠與飛機妹Hong Kong
212 Love is a Fairy Tale (1993)夏日情未了夏日情未了Hong Kong
213 Love to Kill (1993)虐之恋虐之戀Hong Kong
214 Love with Spirit (1993)痴男狂女两世情痴男狂女兩世情Mainland China
215 Love, Marriage and House (1993)与你同往與你同往Mainland China
216 Lover of the Swindler (1993)千王情人千王情人Hong Kong
217 Lucky Search (1993)幸运搜索幸運搜索Mainland China
218 Luo Cheng the Handsome Guy (1993)俏罗成俏羅成Mainland China
219 A Lustful Night (1993)飞凤春宵飛鳳春宵Hong Kong
220 The Mad Monk (1993)济公濟公Hong Kong
221 Madam City Hunter (1993)城市女猎人城市女獵人Hong Kong
222 The Magic Crane (1993)新仙鹤神针新仙鶴神針Hong Kong
223 Magic Sword (1993)将邪神剑將邪神劍Taiwan
224 Make a Bomb (1993)赚他一千万賺他一千萬Mainland China
225 A Man of Nasty Spirit (1993)摧花神龙教摧花神龍教Hong Kong
226 Man or a Monkey, A (1993)人猴大裂变人猴大裂變Mainland China
227 Mark to My Father, A (1993)我给爸爸加颗星我給爸爸加顆星Mainland China
228 Marriage in a Trap (1993)陷井里的婚姻陷井里的婚姻Mainland China
229 Martial Angel, The (1993)神威天使神威天使Mainland China
230 Masker with Twin Pistol (1993)双枪假面人雙槍假麵人Mainland China
231 Master Wong vs. Master Wong (1993)黄飞鸿对黄飞鸿黃飛鴻對黃飛鴻Hong Kong
232 Millionaire Cop (1993)千面天王千面天王Hong Kong
233 Miss Butterfly (1993)机密档案实录火蝴蝶機密檔案實錄火蝴蝶Hong Kong
234 Modern Girls (1993)现代靓妹仔現代靚妹仔Hong Kong
235 Motherliness (1993)天若有情天若有情Mainland China
236 Murder (1993)黄蜂尾后针黃蜂尾後針Hong Kong
237 My Hero II (1993)天涯II妙想天涯II妙想Hong Kong
238 My Hero II (1993)一本漫画闯天下 II:妙想天开一本漫畫闖天下 II:妙想天開Hong Kong
239 My Native People (1993)乡亲们鄉親們Mainland China
240 My Pale Lover (1993)情难自制情難自制Hong Kong
241 My Virgin (1993)处女夜记處女夜記Hong Kong
242 Mysterious Tourist Party (1993)神秘的旅行团神秘的旅行團Mainland China
243 Named Desire (1993)日落卡门日落卡門Hong Kong
244 New Heights (1993)飞越,飞越飛越,飛越Mainland China
245 New Stories of an Assassin (1993)刺客新传之杀人者唐斩刺客新傳之殺人者唐斬Hong Kong
246 Night of Horror, A (1993)一夜惊险一夜驚險Mainland China
247 No Fur, but Precious (1993)哇!没毛的狗哇!沒毛的狗Mainland China
248 No More Love No More Death (1993)太子传说太子傳說Hong Kong
249 No One Cheers (1993)无人喝彩無人喝彩Mainland China/Hong Kong
250 Obsession (1993)妒火焚情妒火焚情Hong Kong
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