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2008 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 32 (39)

Others: Feature Film 116 (159) Short 2 (2) Documentary 11 (13) Animation 1 (2)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series Chen Zhen (2008)精武陈真精武陳真Mainland China
2TV Series The Eagle Shooting Heroes (2008)射雕英雄传射鵰英雄傳Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
3TV Series Flaming Butterfly (2008)火蝴蝶火蝴蝶Hong Kong
4TV Series Forensic Heroes II (2008)法政先锋 II法證先鋒 IIHong Kong
5TV Series The Gentle Crackdown II (2008)秀才爱上兵秀才愛上兵Hong Kong
6TV Series Healing Souls (2008)生命有明天生命有明天Mainland China
7TV Series Hot Shot (2008)篮球火籃球火Taiwan
8TV Series I Do? (2008)幸福的抉择倖福的抉擇Taiwan
9TV Series Justice Pao, Part 2 (2008)新包青天2新包青天2Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
10TV Movie Kung Fu Killer (2008) [non-Chinese]Kung Fu KillerKung Fu KillerUSA/Canada
11TV Series The Kung Fu Master Wong Fei Hung (2008)仁者黄飞鸿仁者黃飛鴻Hong Kong
12TV Series Landing, Please Open Mobile Phone (2008)落地,请开手机落地,請開手機Mainland China
13TV Series The Last Night of Madame Chin (2008)金大班金大班Mainland China
14TV Series Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (2008)黑糖群侠传黑糖群俠傳Taiwan
15TV Series The Legend of Bruce Lee (2008) [non-Chinese]李小龙传李小龍傳Mainland China
16TV Series Love Or Bread (2008)我的亿万面包我的億萬麵包Taiwan
17TV Series A Mobile Love Story (2008)爱情占线愛情佔綫Mainland China
18TV Series The Money-maker Recipe (2008)师奶股神師奶股神Hong Kong
19TV Series Pi Li Mit (2008)霹雳Mit霹靂MitTaiwan
20TV Series A Pillow Case of Mystery II (2008)施公奇案 II施公奇案 IIHong Kong
21TV Series Police et vous (2008)波丽士大人波麗士大人Taiwan
22TV Series Prince + Princess 2 (2008)王子看见二公主王子看見二公主Taiwan
23TV Series The Qin Empire (2008)大秦帝国大秦帝國
24TV Series Royal Tramp (2008)鹿鼎记鹿鼎記Mainland China
25TV Series The Shaolin Warriors (2008)少林僧兵少林僧兵Mainland China
26TV Series The Storm Riders 2 (2008) [In Production]风云2風雲2Mainland China
27TV Series Wasabi Mon Amour (2008)和味浓情和味濃情Hong Kong
28TV Series Woody Sambo (2008)无敌珊表妹無敵珊表妹Taiwan
29TV Series You're My Destiny (2008)命中注定我爱你命中註定我愛妳Taiwan
30pinyinTV Series bai3 nian2 wang3 shi4 (2008) [Post-production]百年往事百年往事Mainland China
31pinyinTV Series da4 chang2 yuan2 (2008) [Finished]大长垣大長垣Mainland China
32pinyinTV Series fang2 huo3 qiang2 wu3 qi1 ba1 ba1 (2008) [In Production]防火墙5788防火牆5788Mainland China
33pinyinTV Series nü3 ren2 hua1 (2008)女人花女人花Mainland China
34pinyinTV Series qing1 ling2 ling2 de shui3 lan2 ying2 ying2 de tian1 (2008)清凌凌的水蓝莹莹的天清凌凌的水蓝瑩瑩的天Mainland China
35pinyinTV Series shi2 wan4 ren2 jia1 (2008)十万人家十萬人傢Mainland China
36pinyinTV Series xiang1 ai4 dou1 nan2 (2008)相爱都难相愛都難Mainland China
37pinyinTV Series yan3 zhong1 ding1 (2008)眼中钉眼中釘Mainland China
38pinyinTV Series yong3 yuan3 de hong2 shu4 lin2 (2008) [In Production]永远的红树林永遠的紅樹林Mainland China
39pinyinTV Series yun2 niang2 (2008)芸娘芸娘Mainland China/Taiwan

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