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Poster Gallery: Early Taiwan Movies 1950-70's

There was virtually no film industry in Taiwan before 1949. In the early 1950's, there were less than 10 films made each year. From late 1950's to the whole of 1960's, there was a boom of Taiwanese dialect movies (like Twin Girls (1958) below), which suddenly disappeared in early 1970's. The Mandarin films production, which were mainly made by state-controlled large studios, only started to catch up during late 60's. In 1971, Mandarin films production reached 101, while only 13 Taiwanese films made at the same time.

Twin Girls (1958)

dir. Deng Yuping

Oyster Girl (1964)

dir. Li Jia/Li Xing

Oyster Girl (1964)

dir. Li Jia/Li Xing

Beautiful Duckling (1965)

dir. Li Xing

The Silent Wife (1965)

dir. Li Xing

Mistress (1965)

dir. Xu Tianrong

Wild Girl (1968)

dir. Sun Zhong

Jade Goddess (1969)

dir. Li Xing

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