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2007.09.13. Updated latest reviews and plot summaries.

2007.08.12. Statistics, Chinese language film production yearly by yearly

2007.08.03 A new page, Movies in Festivals, will list the movies currently being shown in the film festivals around the world.

2007.02.20. New front page layout

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2006.12.15. Books of Chinese cinema, arts, and culture.

2006.11.01. Chinese gay & lesbian movie posters

2006.10.29. Posters of ealry Taiwan cinema.

2006.10.25. Recently added links.

2006.10.18. You can now submit links for movies. Here are links related to the movie Dragon Tiger Gate.

2006.09.04. Recent movies, recently released or shown in festivals.

2006.09.01. Non-Chinese movies.

2006.08.21. Top 15 persons with the most movie credits under their names.

2006.06.26. Movie Subject Index, more than 100 movie subjects and keywords used in the Database.

2006.04.03. Latest movie reviews and plot summaries.

2006.03.26. New Chinese Movie Poster Gallery

2006.03.10. DVD Rental guide: US and UK.

2006.02.21. Shopping section, where to buy or rent Chinese movie DVDs, games and music. Latest promotions and coupons etc.

2006.02.15. Chinese movie in production

2006.02.11. Chinese movie types, genres, subjects and keywords explained here.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Chinese Movie Database wish you all have a happy and prosperous new year!

2006.01.24. Missing links? Movie Links provide the connection between movies, as sequel, remake, first/second parts (popular in early Chinese cinema), mentioned or featured, e.g. McDull the Alumni connects to McDull, Prince de la Bun and My Life as McDull, and A Chinese Ghost Story can be traced back to 1960's The Enchanting Shadow and has an animation sequel. If you find a missing link, please submit it to Chinese Movie Forum.

2006.01.17. Movie traiers: Perhaps Love, Fearless: The Movie, The Spendaholic, and McDull, The Alumni. Click the 'Trailer' link to download.

2006.01.13. Personal profile page available, e.g. Ruan Lingyu

2006.01.04. Find missing/incorrect data in the database? Want to share your review? There is a new form for you to add/correct data and submit movie review/plot summary. Just scroll down to the bottom when browsing movie pages.

2006.01.02. Chinese Movie Database now used unicode (UTF-8) for both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese version.

2005.12.29. Award records available, for both movies and persons.

2005.12.16. Chinese Movie Forum re-opened!

2005.11.30. Rework of the search done! Now you can search companies. Also you will be able to access information of the movies without English titles! Try the new search!