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1984 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 270 (271)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1) TV 11 (11)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Double Decker (1984)三文治三文治Hong Kong
52 Double Trouble (1984)大小不良大小不良Hong Kong
53 Dr. Toads (1984)蛤蟆博士蛤蟆博士Mainland China
54 Dreaming to be an Officer (1984)乌纱梦烏紗夢Mainland China
55 Dress Off For Life (1984)一脱求生一脫求生Hong Kong
56 Drunken Tai Chi (1984)笑太极笑太極Hong Kong
57 The Echo of Qilian Mountian (1984)祁连山的回声祁連山的回聲Mainland China
58 An Engagement (1984)相会相會Mainland China
59 Everlasting Love (1984)停不了的爱停不了的愛Hong Kong
60 Fairy Zhuowa Sangmu (1984)卓瓦桑姆卓瓦桑姆Mainland China
61 A Family Affair (1984)全家福全家福Hong Kong
62 Family Light Affair (1984)城市之光城市之光Hong Kong
63 Fate (1984)缘份緣份Hong Kong
64 Finger On Trigger (1984)夹心沙展夾心沙展Hong Kong
65 Five Daughters Offering Felicitation (1984)五女拜寿五女拜壽Mainland China
66 Five Photos (1984)五张照片五張照片Hong Kong
67 Flight No.208 (1984)208客机208客機Mainland China
68 Fog Buoy (1984)雾界霧界Mainland China
69 Four Performers (1984)莺燕桃李鶯燕桃李Mainland China
70 A Friend From Inner Space (1984)奸人鬼奸人鬼Hong Kong
71 Frog Prince, The (1984)青蛙王子青蛙王子Hong Kong
72 Funny Face (1984)开心将军開心將軍Hong Kong
73 Gazing into My Eyes (1984)看着我的眼睛看著我的眼睛Mainland China
74 General and the Orphans, The (1984)将军与孤女將軍與孤女Mainland China
75 General's Choice (1984)将军的抉择將軍的抉擇Mainland China
76 Generals of the Yang Family (1984)杨家将楊家將Mainland China
77 The Ghost Informer (1984)鬼线人鬼綫人Hong Kong
78 The Girl Azalea (1984)杜鹃女杜鵑女Mainland China
79 Girl in Red (1984)红衣少女紅衣少女Mainland China
80 Glory of a Cavalier (1984)骑士的荣誉騎士的榮譽Mainland China
81 Go To Baizhang Valley in West (1984)西去百丈峡西去百丈峽Mainland China
82 The Grade-Fourth Railway Station (1984)四等小站四等小站Mainland China
83 Greenshade (1984)绿荫綠蔭Mainland China
84 Happiness Always Follows You (1984)幸福在你身边幸福在你身邊Mainland China
85 Happy Ghost (1984)开心鬼開心鬼Hong Kong
86 Happy Island (1984)无里头岛無里頭島Hong Kong
87 He is in Special Zone (1984)他在特区他在特區Mainland China
88 Heaven Can Wait (1984)上天救命上天救命Hong Kong
89 The Hidden Power of Dragon (1984)魔殿屠龙魔殿屠龍Hong Kong
90 Hogus Pogus (1984)人吓鬼人嚇鬼Hong Kong
91 Homecoming (1984)似水流年似水流年Hong Kong
92 Hong Kong 1941 (1984)等待黎明等待黎明Hong Kong
93 Host For A Ghost (1984)好彩撞到你好彩撞到你Hong Kong
94 I Love Lolanto (1984)我爱罗兰度我愛羅蘭度Hong Kong
95 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad (1984)望子成虫望子成蟲Hong Kong
96 I'm Not a Hunter (1984)我不是猎人我不是獵人Hong Kong
97 In September (1984)九月九月Mainland China
98 In a Remote Place (1984)远方遠方Mainland China
99 In the Elevator (1984)电梯上電梯上Mainland China
100 Incredible Kids From Shaolin (1984)少林童子功少林童子功Mainland China/Hong Kong
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