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1984 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 270 (271)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1) TV 11 (11)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Invitation Of Ghost (1984)请鬼請鬼Hong Kong
102 Leave the Letter to Me (1984)请把信留下請把信留下Mainland China
103 The Legacy (1984)清水湾,淡水湾清水灣,淡水灣Mainland China
104 Life (1984)人生人生Mainland China
105 Lifeline Express (1984)鸿运当头鴻運當頭Hong Kong
106 The Little Cute Fellow (1984)男女方程式男女方程式Hong Kong
107 Log Cabin, The (1984)木屋木屋Mainland China
108 Long Arm of the Law (1984)省港旗兵省港旗兵Hong Kong
109 Lost Song, The (1984)失去的歌声失去的歌聲Mainland China
110 Love Bittersweet (1984)爱情麦芽糖愛情麥芽糖Hong Kong
111 Love With The Ghost In Lushan (1984)崂山鬼恋嶗山鬼戀Hong Kong
112 Love in a Fallen City (1984)倾城之恋傾城之戀Hong Kong
113 Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984)爱奴新传愛奴新傳Hong Kong
114 Madam Yu-Ching (1984)玉卿嫂玉卿嫂Taiwan
115 Magical Sword Tower, The (1984)神奇的剑塔神奇的劍塔Hong Kong
116 Man is Coming Here, A (1984)来了个男子汉來了個男子漢Mainland China
117 Many Ways To be the Life (1984)人生没有单行道人生沒有單行道Hong Kong
118 Maybe It's Love (1984)窥情窺情Hong Kong
119 Meeting 20 Years Later (1984)二十年后再相会二十年後再相會Mainland China
120 Meeting of the Two Heroes (1984)双雄会雙雄會Mainland China
121 Merry Christmas (1984)圣诞快乐聖誕快樂Hong Kong
122 Misfire (1984)走火炮走火砲Hong Kong
123 Monkey Player (1984)玩猴的人玩猴的人Mainland China
124 Mould My Statue Again (1984)再塑一个我再塑一個我Mainland China
125 Mr. Virgin (1984)三十处男三十處男Hong Kong
126 My Darling Genie (1984)我爱神仙遮我愛神仙遮Hong Kong
127 My Elder Sister (1984)姐姐姐姐Mainland China
128 My Little Sentimental Friend (1984)多情种多情種Hong Kong
129 Mysterious Land (1984)神奇的土地神奇的土地Mainland China
130 New Fang Shiyu (1984)新方世玉新方世玉Mainland China/Hong Kong
131 New Tales Of The Flying Fox (1984)新飞狐外传新飛狐外傳Hong Kong
132 News About Traffic Accidents (1984)车祸轶闻車禍軼聞Mainland China
133 Night Questions in Red Chamber (1984)红楼夜审紅樓夜審Mainland China
134 Nulnisha (1984)努尔尼莎努爾尼莎Mainland China
135 The Occupant (1984)灵气逼人靈氣逼人Hong Kong
136 Ormosia From the North (1984)北国红豆北國紅豆Mainland China
137 The Other Side of Gentleman (1984)君子好逑君子好逑Hong Kong
138 The Owl vs. Bombo (1984)猫头鹰与小飞象貓頭鷹與小飛象Hong Kong
139 The Ox-Cart for Dowry (1984)嫁妆一牛车嫁妝一牛車Taiwan
140 Pale Passion (1984)我为你狂我為你狂Hong Kong
141 Passion For Forest (1984)林海情林海情Hong Kong
142 The Person Like Him (1984)这样的人這樣的人Mainland China
143 Playboy Doctor (1984)花心萝卜花心蘿蔔Hong Kong
144 Pom Pom (1984)神勇双响炮神勇雙響炮Hong Kong
145 Port For Next Sail (1984)“下次开船”港游记“下次開船”港遊記Mainland China
146 Possessed II (1984)艳鬼发狂艶鬼發狂Hong Kong
147 Profile In Anger (1984)无名火無名火Hong Kong
148 Project A (1984)A计划A計劃Hong Kong
149 Purity Stream, A (1984)清清溪流清清溪流Mainland China
150 Puzzle Case in Forest (1984)林中迷案林中迷案Mainland China
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