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1990 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 308 (310)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 10 (10)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Gunman Against Opium, The (1990)禁烟枪手禁煙槍手Mainland China
102 Guo Moruo in the 1920s (1990)戎马书生戎馬書生Mainland China
103 Happy Ghost IV (1990)开心鬼救开心鬼開心鬼救開心鬼Hong Kong
104 Heading South (1990)南行记南行記Mainland China
105 Heart into Hearts (1990)三人新世界三人新世界Hong Kong
106 Hello! Pacific (1990)你好,太平洋你好,太平洋Mainland China
107 Her Fatal Ways (1990)表姐,你好嘢!表姐,你好嘢!Hong Kong
108 Here Comes a Vampire (1990)猛鬼霸王花猛鬼霸王花Hong Kong
109 Heroic Guards (1990)浴血卫士浴血衛士Mainland China
110 Heroic Spirit (1990)雄魂雄魂Mainland China
111 A Home Too Far (1990)异域異域
112 Hong Kong Gigolo (1990)香港舞男香港舞男Hong Kong
113 The Huanted House (1990)鬼楼鬼樓Mainland China
114 Imperial Nun, The (1990)皇家尼姑皇家尼姑Mainland China
115 In Pursuit of Treasure (1990)天王盖地虎天王蓋地虎Mainland China
116 In That Winter (1990)那年的冬天那年的冬天Mainland China
117 Inside Story of Shanghai (1990)外滩龙蛇外灘龍蛇Mainland China
118 International Rescue (1990)国际大营救國際大營救Mainland China
119 Iron Soul (1990)铁血金魂鐵血金魂Mainland China
120 It Takes Two to Mingle (1990)摩登衬家摩登襯家Hong Kong
121 Jail House Eros (1990)监狱不设防監獄不設防Hong Kong
122 Jiao Yulu (1990)焦裕禄焦裕祿Mainland China
123 Ju Dou (1990)菊豆菊豆Mainland China/Japan
124 Kawashima Yoshiko (1990)川岛芳子川島芳子Hong Kong
125 The Kids of Cops (1990)警门虎子警門虎子Mainland China
126 The Killer's Blues (1990)边缘岁月邊緣歲月Hong Kong
127 Killer's Romance (1990)浪漫杀手自由人浪漫殺手自由人Hong Kong
128 Killer's Romance (1990)自由人自由人Hong Kong
129 King Zhuang of Chu (1990)楚庄王楚莊王Mainland China
130 King of Gambler (1990)赌王賭王Hong Kong
131 Kung Fu vs. Acrobatic (1990)摩登如来神掌摩登如來神掌Hong Kong
132 Legend of Fairies, The (1990)蛊咒传奇蠱咒傳奇Mainland China
133 The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan (1990)李香君李香君Hong Kong
134 Legend of the Great Green Dragon (1990)狼烟狼煙Mainland China
135 Licence to Steal (1990)龙凤贼捉贼龍鳳賊捉賊Hong Kong
136 A Lonely Sad Girl (1990)多此一女多此一女Mainland China
137 Look Out, Officer! (1990)师兄撞鬼師兄撞鬼Hong Kong
138 The Lost Dream (1990)失去的梦失去的夢Mainland China
139 Love Sex and Desire (1990) [No cinema release]焚心欲火焚心慾火Mainland China/Hong Kong
140 Love is Love (1990)望夫成龙望夫成龍Hong Kong
141 Lucky Star (1990)福禄双星福祿雙星Taiwan
142 Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)龙凤茶楼龍鳳茶樓
143 Magic Force From Highland (1990)少林达魔少林達魔Mainland China/Hong Kong
144 Marriage by Coincidence (1990)奇缘巧配奇緣巧配Mainland China
145 Marshal's Memorabilia, A (1990)元帅的思念元帥的思念Mainland China
146 Meridian of War, The (1990)战争子午线戰爭子午綫Mainland China
147 Merry Island (1990)快乐岛奇遇快樂島奇遇Mainland China
148 Metropolis in 1990 (1990)大城市1990大城市1990Mainland China
149 Middle Man (1990)皇家师姐之中间人皇家師姐之中間人Hong Kong
150 Midnight Angel (1990)午夜天使午夜天使Hong Kong
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