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1990 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 308 (310)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 10 (10)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Missing Boat, The (1990)神秘失踪的船神秘失蹤的船Mainland China
152 Mom (1990)妈妈媽媽Mainland China
153 A Moment of Romance (1990)天若有情天若有情Hong Kong
154 Mortuary Blues (1990)尸家重地屍家重地Hong Kong
155 My Hero (1990)一本漫画闯天涯一本漫畫闖天涯Hong Kong
156 My Neighbors are Phantoms (1990)哗鬼住正隔篱嘩鬼住正隔籬Hong Kong
157 Mysterious Death, The (1990)死亡内幕死亡內幕Mainland China
158 A Narrow Escape (1990)仇中仇仇中仇Mainland China
159 Never Say Regret (1990)无悔行动無悔行動Hong Kong
160 New Kids in Town (1990)初到贵境初到貴境Hong Kong
161 The Ninth Unresolved Case (1990)第九号悬案第九號懸案
162 No Rish, No Gain (1990)再战江湖再戰江湖Hong Kong
163 No Risk, No Gain (1990)至尊计状元才至尊計狀元才Hong Kong
164 No Way Back (1990)喋血江湖喋血江湖Hong Kong
165 Off to Success II (1990)成功岭2全面出击成功嶺2全面出擊
166 Oriental Mafia (1990)天字号密令天字號密令Mainland China
167 The Other Half (1990)老婆、你好嘢!老婆、你好嘢!Hong Kong
168 Out of Recognition (1990)面目全非面目全非Mainland China
169 The Ozone Layer Vanishes (1990)大气层消失大氣層消失Mainland China
170 Panty House Hero (1990)脂粉双雄脂粉雙雄Hong Kong
171 Passage to the Black Mountain (1990)黑山路黑山路Mainland China
172 Peking Duck Restaurant (1990)老店老店Mainland China
173 Point of No Return (1990)都市煞星都市煞星Hong Kong
174 Promising Ms. Bowie (1990)祝福祝福Hong Kong
175 Queen of Temple Street (1990)庙街皇后廟街皇后Hong Kong
176 Queen's Bench III (1990)古惑大律师古惑大律師Hong Kong
177 Raid on Royal Casino Marine (1990)皇家赌船皇家賭船Hong Kong
178 Rare Swrod & a Jewel Box, A (1990)深宅奇剑深宅奇劍Mainland China
179 Rebel from China (1990)勇闯天下勇闖天下Hong Kong
180 Red Dust (1990)滚滚红尘滾滾紅塵Hong Kong/Taiwan
181 Red Fists (1990)联手警探聯手警探Mainland China
182 The Remote Inn (1990)野店幽灵野店幽靈Mainland China
183 Return to Action (1990)喋血风云喋血風雲Hong Kong
184 Return with the Moon (1990)月随人归月隨人歸Mainland China
185 The Revenge of Angel (1990)水玲珑水玲瓏Hong Kong
186 Ridiculous Adventrue, A (1990)荒唐历险荒唐歷險Mainland China
187 Rouge of the North (1990)怨女怨女Taiwan
188 Sacred Fire in a Remote Place (1990)天边有一簇圣火天邊有一簇聖火Mainland China
189 Saga of the Phoenix (1990)阿修罗阿修羅Hong Kong
190 Score to Settle (1990)後会有期後會有期Mainland China
191 Secret of the Treasury, The (1990)天朝国库之秘天朝國庫之秘Mainland China
192 Shanghai Intelligence War (1990)孤岛情报战孤島情報戰Mainland China
193 Shanghai, Shanghai (1990)乱世儿女亂世兒女Hong Kong
194 She Shoots Straight (1990)皇家女将皇家女將Hong Kong
195 Skinny Tigger and Fatty Dragon (1990)瘦虎肥龙瘦虎肥龍Hong Kong
196 Sleazy Dizzy (1990)小偷阿星小偷阿星Hong Kong
197 The Sniping (1990)奇兵奇兵Hong Kong
198 Snipping, The (1990)江湖奇兵江湖奇兵Mainland China
199 The Snow Leopard Vanishes (1990)雪豹下落不明雪豹下落不明Mainland China
200 Somebody Loves Me (1990)有人偏偏爱上我有人偏偏愛上我Mainland China
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