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2004 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 25 (25)

Others: Feature Film 70 (73) Short 1 (1) Documentary 2 (2) Animation 2 (2)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series Angels of Mission (2004)无名天使3D無名天使3DHong Kong
2TV Series Beautiful Heart (2004)美丽心灵美麗心靈Mainland China
3TV Series The Bronze Teeth III (2004)铁齿铜牙纪晓岚3鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐3Mainland China
4TV Series Chinese Paladin (2004)剑仙奇侠传劍仙奇侠傳Mainland China
5TV Series The Conqueror's Story (2004)楚汉骄雄楚漢驕雄Hong Kong
6TV Series Hero Zheng Cheng Gong (2004)郑成功鄭成功Mainland China
7TV Series Hero on the Silkroad (2004)丝路豪侠絲路豪俠Mainland China
8TV Series The Legend of Eileen Chang (2004)她从海上来-张爱玲传奇她從海上來-張愛玲傳奇Taiwan
9TV Series Magic Ring (2004)爱情魔戒愛情魔戒Taiwan
10TV Series Mars (2004)战神戰神Taiwan
11TV Series Shade of Truth (2004)水浒无间道水滸無間道Hong Kong
12TV Series Starry Night (2004)爱在星光灿烂时愛在星光燦爛時Taiwan
13TV Series To Catch the Uncatchable (2004)栋笃神探棟篤神探Hong Kong
14TV Series Twin of Brothers (2004)大唐双龙传大唐雙龍傳Hong Kong
15TV Series War and Beauty (2004)金枝欲孽金枝慾孽Hong Kong
16TV Series Wu Dang (2004)武当武當Mainland China
17pinyinTV Series dong1 zhi4 zhi1 bai2 zhou4 (2004)冬至之白昼冬至之白晝
18pinyinTV Series dong1 zhi4 zhi1 hei4 ye4 (2004)冬至之黑夜冬至之黑夜
19pinyinTV Series guan1 zhong1 mi4 shi4 (2004)关中秘事關中秘事Mainland China
20pinyinTV Series jin1 guo2 ying1 xiong2 mu4 gui4 ying1 (2004)巾帼英雄穆桂英巾幗英雄穆桂英Mainland China
21pinyinTV Series shou3 fu4 (2004)首富首富Mainland China
22pinyinTV Series ti2 xiao4 yin1 yuan2 (2004)啼笑因缘啼笑因緣Mainland China
23pinyinTV Series xiao3 bing1 zhang1 ga3 (2004)小兵张嘎小兵張嘎Mainland China
24pinyinTV Series yan1 hai3 chen2 fu2 (2004)烟海沉浮煙海沉浮Mainland China
25pinyinTV Series zhong1 guo2 shi4 li2 hun1 (2004)中国式离婚中國式離婚Mainland China

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